Mission, Vision & Values

The Arctic Winter Games formally began with the registration of the Arctic Winter Games Corporation under the Canada Corporations Act on January 18, 1968. In 1992, the Arctic Winter Games Corporation changed its name to the Arctic Winter Games International Committee (AWGIC) to eliminate confusion with other Games organizations and to reflect the increasing international flavour of the Games. 

The Vision, Mission, Values & Role are guidelines followed by the AWGIC to keep the integrity of the Games and promote a positive and unforgettable experience for host communities and participants. 


To be the premier circumpolar sport and cultural event for northern youth.


To provide a meaningful Arctic Winter Games Experience


Respect - We believe in fair play, equity, diversity, and inclusion

Accountability - We operate with transparency and are answerable for our actions

Participant Centred - We will champion the well-being and safety of all participants

Integrity - We hold ourselves to high ethical and professional standards

Collaboration - We strive for mutually beneficial relationships


The AWGIC supervises the overall development and implementation of the Games. Some of its functions are to:

Strategic Goals

The AWGIC has committed to the following strategic goals:

1. Governance & Management 2. Sustainability & Relevance 3. Engagement & Relationships
We will have the structure,
policies and capacity to lead
efficiently and effectively.
We will have the resources
and willingness to be viable,
responsive, and adaptable.
We will be a trusted leader
who collaborates with
stakeholders to set and
achieve shared goals.
In order to achieve these goals we will focus on the following objectives:    
1.1 Strengthen governance
structure to enhance Board
effectiveness, composition,
and mandate
2.1 Establish a sustainable
financial model to achieve
our Vision
3.1 Establish a customized
engagement strategy for each
Host Society to deliver
successful Games
1.2 Enhance management
structure to improve our
operations, decision-making
and communications
2.2 Re-affirm long-term
government commitments to
the Games
3.2 Develop clear and
transparent engagement
strategies for all contingents
and other stakeholders
1.3 Enhance transfer of
knowledge system for board
and staff to support succession
2.3 Develop adaptive and
sustainable hosting models
3.3 Develop an effective
communications strategy to
share the unique heritage and
benefits of the Games