Hodgson Trophy & Fair Play Pin


The Hodgson Trophy is presented to the contingent that demonstrates the best understanding of the philosophy of the Arctic Winter Games and most exemplifies the spirit of fair play during the Games week. 

Mission staff, chefs de mission's, assistant chefs de mission's, coaches, AWGIC directors, media, Host Society board members and senior staff vote during Games week to decide the winning contingent. 

The trophy is awarded by the AWGIC during the Closing Ceremony where the winning team is presented with a framed picture of the trophy and a special Hodgson Trophy pin and pin bag. 

About the Trophy

The Hodgson Trophy was donated to the Arctic Winter Games Corporation in 1978 by Commissioner S.M. Hodgson.

The distinctive trophy, which is a piece of Inuit artwork from the Canadian Arctic, features a narwhal tusk that stands as the centrepiece mounted on a soapstone base. A walrus is carved into the base wrapping itself around the tusk. Near the top, a soapstone bear clings to the tusk, symbolizing  "reaching for the top" in competition and fair play.

The trophy is now located at the Whitehorse Canada Games Centre, after being moved from Sport Yukon in January 2020.

Hodgson Trophy Past Winners

Contingent Year
 Greenland 2023
 AWG2020 Host Society Volunteers & Staff  2020
Alaska 2018 & 2016
Greenland 2014
Nunavut 2012






Nunavut 2004


Nunavut 2000
Yukon 1998
Northwest Territories 1996
Greenland 1994
Northwest Territories 1992
Alaska 1990


Fair Play Pin

During the Games the Arctic Winter Games International Committee will award a distinctive Fair Play Pin to athletes, coaches, officials and others from all contingents that strive towards the Games objectives of fair play and team spirit. International Committee members, Host Society Board members, Officials, Chef de Mission and Mission Staff award these pins at their discretion.